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Photo: Michigan Quarterback Denard Robinson Already Striking Heisman Pose

As I tweeted after witnessing Denard Robinson 502 total yard masterpiece against Notre Dame:

“He is putting up Bo Jackson Tecmo Bowl numbers.”

Rich Rodriguez is what I like to call a one trick pony coach. He forces his system on players regardless if they are ill fitted to run it.

It is one of the reasons why I believed he has had a rough go of it so far at Michigan.

But with a dynamic quarterback Rodriguez’s system becomes very dangerous and Robinson is is that guy. If you are a Michigan fan what should be encouraging is that while Robinson is a gifted runner (reminds me of a taller Tommie Frazier) he is better than average passer (he threw 40 passes against Notre Dame).

While most of his passes are of the safe variety, he has the ability on 3rd and long to sit in the pocket and deliver an accurate pass (which is what he did in the game winning drive against Notre Dame).

The bangwagon is starting to fill at an alarming rate for Robinson and Michigan, but I would caution you about two things.

First if Rich Rodgriuez continues to run him this way, he won’t make it through the season.  He isn’t built like say Tim Tebow, he is built more like a big Wide Receiver (think Andre Johnson).  He has already taken some monster shots and like a boxer who maybe able to shake them off in the 2nd round what effect will those body blows have by the 8th round.

Secondly we are just two games in and I am already hearing things like:

“He is best QB in college football.”

“Just hand him the Heisman.”

“Michigan could go to the BCS championship game”

Easy Wolverine fan, last year at this time Michigan supporters were calling Tate Forcier a “savior”, before they fell apart in the 2nd half of the season.

The future looks bright, but just keep some perspective.

It is quite possible that  Michigan will be 6-0 when they face Iowa in their homecoming game.

If they can beat Iowa and then Penn State the following week, I will be a believer.

Of course there is also that little trip to Columbus at the end of the year as well.

Good news, people are talking about Michigan football again and not laughing, bad news if they falter like they did last year they will fade back to Bolivia with Mike Tyson.