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Caption The Pic: Brett Fave & Aaron Rodgers

What were these two thinking in this pic?

Favre: “I wonder what Jenn is up to?”

Rodgers: “He has no clue I slept with Deanna. Tony Parker has nothing on me.”

Favre: “That new Kayne West is not bad, I like the Douchbag song.”

Rodgers: “Little does he know, I gave him the bootleg link and several tracks are missing.”

Favre: “Could be worse, Chilly has no idea….”

Rodgers: “The Vikings are so bad, next time they play an AFC game, CBS will have Gus Johnson on the play by play…HA HA”

Favre: “I hope my direct deposit goes through.”

Rodgers: “Hope he doesn’t find I out I stole his phone and sent it to the NFL.”