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Ben Roethlisberger Honored For His Media Cooperation

Don’t be hypocrites.

If you think Michael Vick can change you have to give Ben Roethlisberger the benefit of the doubt.  He has had some close calls and was suspended by the league, but since them he has been a model citizen.

Maybe he has learned his lesson, maybe not, but until proven otherwise I will go along with the “changed man” spiel that his PR people have been pumping out.

Ben Roethlisberger is the first quarterback to win the Steelers award named after franchise founder Art Rooney.

He also is a most unlikely recipient of the award that recognizes a concept Roethlisberger admitted had been foreign to him prior to this season.

Roethlisberger was presented with The Chief Award on Wednesday for cooperation with the media, with whom he shared an uneasy if not prickly coexistence in years past.

Once you back yourself into a corner like Roethlisberger, you have no choice but to be polite.  He has used 8 1/2 of his 9 lives.  Just like Vick he has very little wiggle room, any misstep and he could be out of the league.

Hope that is enough motivation to keep him out of Burger King bathrooms.