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Donovan McNabb Booed at Lakers vs. Wizards Game?

My long standing belief about Donovan McNabb is that he is a bit overrated as a quarterback, but sorely under appreciated as person.  He has always been a good, borderline very good quarterback—he has been described as great by some and I think that is a stretch, but he has been treated at times like he was Alex Smith.

He was booed coming into the league and it looks like he will be booed going out.  In between, he has had some great moments, but I think his legacy will be debated for a long time in terms of where exactly he ranks with the best quarterbacks of his generation.

His stint with the Redskins has been shaky to put it kindly and it didn’t get any better depending on who you believe at the Lakers vs. Wizards game.

There’s some slight difference of opinion on exactly what happened next, but no one suggested McNabb was greeted with a standing ovation, anyhow. Not only is the honeymoon over; they’re already squabbling over who left the milk out on the kitchen counter overnight.

Several other folks chimed in on Twitter. Holden Kushner from 106.7 The Fan estimated that the ratio was 70-30 cheers. Jack Kogod, a longtime Wizards and Redskins fan, put it at 60-40 boos. SB Nation’s Mike PRada called it 50-50. Others suggested that it was primarily Lakers fans who were booing McNabb, and that the booing was “not hardcore.”

Good news, McNabb isn’t Rex Grossman.


McNabb is a good guy, just trying to watch a basketball game.  Maybe they will treat him better when he ends up in Minnesota or Arizona next year.