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BSO Model of the Week: LFL Star Ogom Chijindu

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Each week, BlackSportsOnline will profile a young lady who is doing big things in the world of modeling an other entertainment or professional industries. At the end of the year there will be a vote for the BSO Model of the Year.

Ogom Chijindu

At first I don’t think a lot of people took the Lingerie League seriously, they figured it would be like Playboy models pillow fighting with a football. But I think now that people after watching can see you young ladies aren’t playing around. What do you think about the change of perception of the LFL?

I think it is amazing! We are not just “hot girls pillow fighting” we are real athletes going H.A.M. on the field. A lot of work goes into the final product that all the fans are able to see. We train hard tactically, physically, and mentally to be fully prepared for the intense games. There is nothing out there like the Lingerie Football League. It doesn’t matter what got you to a game, but I promise once you watch it, you will become a fan!

From an outside observer what do you think about the NFL Lockout?

Whenever two parties have to communicate financial changes, it is almost always difficult. Especially when we are talking about billions of dollars in the NFL. Hopefully they come to some type of agreement that benefits both the players and the owners. BUT in the mean time the LFL is on and going strong!

Temptation Nation!!

If the NFL lockout lingers on, do you think LFL can fill the gap for football fans?

Absolutely! The LFL has every exciting element of football with an extra perk, beautiful woman! True football fans got to love it! We run real plays from a detailed playbook, we take each game seriously and play with tons of emotion and passion, and last but not least we serve up some bone crunching hits that are guaranteed to get the crowd jumping out of their seats! As a growing league, it has the potential to be one of the most watched, women’s sport out there.

How did you get involved with LFL? Were you always an athlete?

Funny story! When I was in college I had a friend tell me,

“ Yo..There’s a league where girls play football… like REAL football except they’re in lingerie.” I thought it was a joke until I randomly saw it on TV one night. Well long story short a year later, I was competing in a Hooters Bikini contest, (yes I’m a Hooters Girl) and it just so happened that the coaches and players from the LFL’s Los Angles Temptation where there promoting. The players approached me, we clicked and the rest was history. I have always been an athlete growing up. I played soccer, volleyball, basketball and ran track all at a high competitive level. And now I am, a two time Lingerie Football League World Champ!! Great feeling!

Part of the appeal of the LFL of course playing to the two things that men love the most, scantily clad women and sports, how is it being a sex symbol?

LOL.. I’m flattered that people see me as a, “sex symbol”. However, I don’t focus all my attention on it. I think it’s awesome that we get to be sexy on the field while playing a competitive as well as physical sport. We just might be the only female athletes that HAVE to go through hair and make-up before every game just to end up getting all sweaty… haha! I love it!

Do you have groupies? I was always curious if guys or girls for that matter stalk you out like a NBA or NFL player?

Ha! Yea, we do have “groupies” and I think it comes with the territory of playing any sport. Luckily I haven’t had any personal experiences or encounters with those who take it way to far. For the most part they are just extra loving fans! KiSS KiSS and iHEART them all.

You are in phenomenal shape, with summer coming up what tips can you give the ladies on keeping everything looking nice and tight?

Aw thank you! There’s really no secret, to keeping everything looking nice and tight. Google it! Ha! Just kidding.

You have to do some type of physical exercise, eat right in moderation, try not to deprive your body of its nutrients and some form of cardio cannot hurt. I personally do not go to the gym (seriously) BUT for me, just being active in any way I can is my type of workout.

Beyond the LFL what are your other outside interests?

I am very passionate and have a lot of interests. One of many is sewing! Since I was 8 years old I have been attached to my mom’s sewing machine. I’m a designer, it is in my blood! I recently did a promotional event with my football team in Manhattan Beach, Ca. where I designed and created 10 custom bikinis from my line, OCHi COLLECTiON. I received amazing feedback, so expect to see more of my collection very soon!

In 2011 what can we expect from you?

2011 is going to be HUGE!! You can expect to see the launch of my clothing line OCHi COLLECTiON, more fitness modeling/commercials in the near future and of course Lingerie Football baybeee!! Looking to 3 peat!