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Tyler Perry Fans to Boycott Movie if Kim Kardashian Appears In It

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Some women specifically some black women are salty Kim Kardashian will appear in the new Tyler Person movie “The Marriage Counselor”.

Of course they have overlooked how silly and stereotypical Perry has made them look over the years, but I digress.

Here are the details.

One thing we could say has helped contribute to Tyler Perry’s immense success is that he communicates directly with his fans via his frequent personal messages to them posted on his website, as well as the open forum he created for his fans to share with him.

Well.. in case you haven’t heard… Mr Perry’s website has been flooded with comments and messages from his “fans” expressing their contempt for his casting Kim Kardashian in his upcoming movie, The Marriage Counselor. I put the word “fans” in quotes because I don’t have any evidence to say whether or not these are his usual supporters who frequent his website, or trolls.

And when I say flooded, I mean it. I clicked through page after page of comments lamenting Kardashian’s casting, with many saying that, although they’ve been long-time supporters of Perry’s films in the past, this is one film of his that they won’t be paying to see!

Most of those people are lying, if they are obsessed enough to write how they are going to boycott they will be at the theater opening night.

I am not exactly sure why Kimmy invokes such a reaction in people, if she is truly is a nobody why does anyone care about her? That is the hypocritical part of our society, yes Kimmy doesn’t have any true talent, but the one talent she does have is making people talk about her and that is what is getting her paid. Her filing divorce papers was on every news station in the county. She has almost as many Twitter followers as the President. She is doing something right.

Stop being bitter women and if you don’t want to see the movie, don’t see the movie no need to embarrass yourself like this.