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Heat Mario Chalmers Finds Out He Has a Daughter Named “Queen Elizabeth”

Lot of strange things in this story and I will tell you what I think is the strangest part at the end.

The beginning  is a story we hear all the time.  Chalmers decides that he will take the risk of paying 25% of his gross income for the next 18 years instead of buying a box of $8 condoms.

Young lady gets pregnant and says Chalmers is the father.

Chalmers isn’t sure, so forces her to take a paternity test and then…………

Miami Heat guard has a daughter who goes by the quite regal name of “Queen Elizabeth.” She’s twenty-months-old now, but Heat fans didn’t get the birth announcement because Chalmers was only recently found to be the girl’s father.

Chalmer recently agreed to pay Queen Elizabeth’s mother $2,600-a-month in child support. The Queen’s mother, whose name is probably not Anne Boleyn, is apparently a student who was only pulling in $800-a-month. That’s not the kind of money to be raising a Queen on.

She’ll also be receiving $12,800 in back paid child support.

Chalmers meanwhile makes about $61k a month according to Lambiet, and shells out $1,500 monthly for a chef and $2,000 for a bodyguard.

Why the mother named the child Queen Elizabeth is beyond me, but that isn’t what interests me.

Mario Chalmers pays for a bodyguard?

I repeat…………….


I notice when guys play for glamor teams like the Lakers or in this case the Heat, they assume they are much more famous than they really are.  Dropped the bodyguard and give that money to your daughter the Queen.