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Michelle Beadle Leaves ESPN for NBC…Details On What She Will Be Doing

Colin Cowherd has a voice and face for radio. The reason SportsNation was successful for ESPN was because of Michelle Beadle.

The reason Beadle was so successful was because she didn’t fit the ESPN mold. She was more of a free spirit and spoke her mind. She didn’t really care about trying to portray a perfect image like some of the other female talent at the Worldwide Leader.

It makes sense for her to leave know, her talents were never going to be properly utilized to their fullest potential at ESPN.  It appears NBC will unlock all of the power of Beadle.

Beadle ultimately left the nest of ESPN to explore a career in both sports and entertainment, which NBC has revealed it will allow her to do across multiple network platforms. The details include:

-becoming a correspondent for Access Hollywood based in New York City

-appearing on NBC’s coverage of major events like the Olympics, the Triple Crown, and the 2012 NFL Kickoff extravaganza

-having some type of yet to be finalized programming built around her at NBC Sports Network

Most interesting though was finally getting to hear straight from the horse’s mouth. Beadle had this to say in NBC’s press release:

“I am thrilled to join the NBCUniversal family and to have the opportunity to work alongside many of the most talented and accomplished individuals in the business,” said Beadle. “This gig is the perfect blend of the two things I am most passionate about – sports and pop culture. I look forward to getting back to New York City and immersing myself into a myriad of NBCUniversal platforms, while trying to kick ass and have some fun along the way.”

Plus she likes Wrestling which atuomatically gets her a +1 on my book.