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LeSean McCoy & Baby Mama Twitter Battle About Child Support & Herpes (Photos)

Steph LeSean McCoy Baby mama

I have no idea what the whole story is, but I do know this is why you have to be careful who you have children with. I am not taking sides, but I can tell you both McCoy and his baby mama are taking Ls in this situation.  Trust me there will be no winners.

McCoy might be frustrated by the situation, but he needs to look in the mirror as he was the one who was having unprotected sex with a woman he just met.

The #1 rule they teach you as a boy, don’t have unprotected sex with someone unless you are ready to become a parent.  Beyond that if you have unprotected sex with the wrong person the last thing you will have to worry about is football.

LeSean McCoy Baby Mama

LeSean McCoy Baby Mama 2

LeSean McCoy Baby Mama 3

LeSean McCoy Baby Mama 4

As you can imagine LeSean’s baby mama Steph didn’t take to kindly to those Tweets and went on an epic rant.  She accused McCoy of having herpes (or the Ron Mexico as I like to call to it), being a dead beat dad, makes fun of the size of his manhood and finally says that the woman he is currently with is sleeping with his friend.

You can read all of her Tweets below.

Photos: LeSean McCoy’s Baby Mama Steph

LeSean McCoy’s current girlfriend Sidney Alex had this to say.

Sidney Alex LeSean McCoy Baby Mama
Lesean McCoy Sidney Alex Baby Mama Tweets

There is nothing good that can come out of this.  Because LeSean McCoy is a professional athlete this is news.  Anytime you air your public grievances in a public space that isn’t a wise move.

The most important person here is little LeSean McCoy Jr.  Regardless of what LeSean and Steph feel about each other, they need to try to work it out for the child’s sake.

Calling the mother of your child a bum or the father of your child a “Dead Beat” isn’t helping anyone.  They are adults, hope they start acting like it.

LeSean McCoy Baby Mama Steph Photo


LeSean McCoy has deleted his Twitter Account.