Woman Claims Chris Bosh’s Wife Adrienne Slept With Floyd Mayweather – BlackSportsOnline
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Woman Claims Chris Bosh’s Wife Adrienne Slept With Floyd Mayweather

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I figured this might happen.  It is a domino effect or a crack in a dam, once it starts rolling, it is hard to stop.  Here is the issue though, should Adrienne’s past, that she has never denied, be held against her?

Does it matter if she slept with Wayne or Floyd Mayweather?  As I said before, we all have a past, why exactly is hers being dragged through the mud?  Is it jealousy or just a professional hazard of being married to someone on the Miami Heat?  She was part of the industry, so it is to be expected she had industry type of relationships, so what is the point of people coming out of the woodwork with stuff like this?

Floyd Mayweather Adrienne bosh

The woman (photo below) who went by La Marie deleted her Twitter account, but the shot at Adrienne lives on.  No rhyme or reason to it, just something to get some attention I suppose.

Floyd Mayweather Adrienne bosh 2

If Chris Bosh doesn’t care his wife might have scammed Lil Wayne for money by saying she had cancer, should we?  I think we are too quick to judge in these situations.  Look at your body count, before you start to forensically examining others.


Probably won’t be the last of these stories, the dam is breaking and water is coming in fast.  Hopefully, it doesn’t drown Bosh and Adrienne’s relationship.