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Groupie Tales: Colin Kaepernick & a Twodel Stranded at ATL Airport for 6 Hours

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For full disclosure, our Groupie Tale is being told from the perspective of a friend of a woman who was left stranded at the Atlanta airport. It is quite possible, the story is missing some specific details or some things have been completely made up.

With that being said, lessons can be learned, regardless of how accurate the story is. Our messenger is an “Urban Model” named Melody Jai (@melodyjai) who came to the rescue of our Twodel in distress.


Here is how she says it all went down and my thoughts are in bold.

Shame on you Colin Kaepernick!!

Why am I mentioning this guy? Well, a friend of mine contacted me a few days ago and asked if I could help out a young lady that was stranded at the airport and didn’t know anyone in Atlanta. Any friend of his is a friend of mine, so I agreed to help the young lady out. I spoke to her briefly and luckily she had found a hotel close to the airport. I wasn’t able to pick her up, but I was able to be a sympathetic ear to her and give her some advice.

Don’t travel to see anyone, without a backup plan in that city, that should be common sense.

What I found out was that allegedly this young lady flew here to see Colin. They had never met in person only on Skype and talked on the phone, for five months. I also fell victim to this recently, but that is a whole other story. Now that the season is over he had free time for them to finally meet.

Has no one learned from Manti Te’o or from watching Catfish?  More and more people are falling in love via text or Skype only to be disappointed when they finally do see them months or years later.  Which is why I am proponent of, if you like someone, you should see them immediately, to make sure it is real and not fool’s gold.

When she asked if he could pay for half her ticket, he gave her an excuse of being on a budget cause he helps out his family. She decided to come anyways.

The story should be over right here.  I don’t expect every person in the world to be brilliant, but you should be smart enough to understand that if someone just played in the Super Bowl, they have enough money to fly you to Atlanta, GA.

You can get a flight to Atlanta for $300 or less anywhere in the United States, you don’t have to be rich to fly a girl out to Atlanta.  She didn’t even asked for the whole thing, she asked for half, which at most is $150.

A Super Bowl starting QB doesn’t have $150?  I am just going to flatly say, anything that happens from this point on is all her fault.  If a regular dollarnaire is digging you, he will find $150. She deserved whatever happened to her from this point on, just for being so dumb.

But, you know something I don’t think she is that dumb, I will explain why later.

That morning before she boarded the plane she text him to let him know she was on her way. He didn’t respond. They spoke the night before and he said he had workouts in the morning so she didn’t think anything of it. She checked her phone on her layover and he had responded with “I’m doing too much, but I will be there to get you”.

I get the feeling this part is a lie.  I don’t believe he said he would pick her up.  Maybe, I am giving Kap the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t think this ever happened.

Once she arrived in Atlanta she called him to let him know where she was so he could pick her up. He didn’t answer. She text him. He didn’t answer. Delta called him. He didn’t answer. She sat at the airport for over 6 hours waiting to hear from him. He never called or answered her text.

Once again, she flew Delta couldn’t have been more than $300, just want to point that out again, that he didn’t think she was worth $150.

I think there is a reason he never answered, but I will get to that shortly.

Now why would you do that to someone? He knew that she couldn’t afford the ticket because she had tuition to pay and yet he let her buy her own ticket.

Whatever school she is going to, I am sure she if failing “Groupie 101”.

Not only was she out the ticket money, but she was also out money for a hotel. Now I know most of you are thinking she should have known better and so on, but when you are being seduced by someone with popularity and money it’s flattering. You feel special that this person has chose you.

He thought she was so special, he wouldn’t pay $150 for a plane ticket?  That was really flattering.  I am 100% sure she wouldn’t have gotten Chipotle either.

My advice to her, before I knew who it was that stood her up, was to never talk to him again. There is no excuse you can give me that would make up for leaving me at the airport. The only acceptable excuse is if you were involved in an accident and can’t physically call. Clearly if that was the case than the news would have been all over that story. I told her to remember to love herself. Treat herself how she would treat others. If one of her best friends were in this situation do you think she would have advised her to go? Probably not. There was a valuable lesson to be learned from this situation. The Universe gives us these situations to teach us. I am not sure what her lesson was because I am not her, but I reminded her to look for this lesson and learn from it. After she figures out the lesson than she should also give “thanks” to God for allowing her to learn from her mistakes.

Praise Tebow!!!

Athletes are not the kind of men that women should be trying to marry. Women should be more selective when it comes to choosing a mate. Women pass along bloodlines not men. We are the creators of life. In order for a bloodline to continue you need a strong woman to bare your children and a strong man willing to work and provide for his family. This is a topic I will be discussing more as my journey in life continues.

She went a little Dr. Phil/Oprah there at the end, but now I am going to tell you, what I think really happened, if the gist of her story is true.

My theory is, she was one of Kap’s many admirers.  Probably text and Skype him a few times and caught feelings.  Kap, probably casually said once or twice they should meet.

One day, she says she would like to see him, but Kap now has girlfriend (she is hot too) or he just not that into her, so makes up a story about being broke hoping that she will get the hint.

Out of the blue, she says she is coming anyway and he says something to the effect, if he isn’t that busy he will try to see her, but makes no promises.  In reality he has no intentions of seeing her and just assumes she knows people in town.  The reason he thinks that, is because only a crazy person comes to see someone in a city, where they don’t know anyone on a whim they might run into an athlete they just text occasionally right?

She believes that once she is there he will change his mind, so she hops on the flight only to realize he isn’t coming and her plan is falling apart while stuck at the airport.  She gets hold of another guy, who refers her to the girl who is telling the story.  She doesn’t want to look like a complete idiot, so she fudges some of the details to make it look like Kap is a jerk.

Lesson is simple.  If you are a groupie and just so groupies don’t get their panties in a bunch, if you are a woman who just happens to date all athletes, understand your worth.

If they aren’t treating you in a classy way, you are just a throwaway girl and don’t be shocked if you are treated as such.  For all we know this woman in lying on Colin Kaepernick, so he is innocent until proving guilty  but it allows me to give a refreshers course on the fly in and fly out rules.

The Official Fly Out Rules For Women Going to Meet Athletes

The Official “Fly In” Rules For Athletes (Men) Wanting to Meet Women

Don’t get left in the South Terminal……………Don’t get left in the South Terminal.