Ben McLemore May Attempt A ‘720’ In Slam Dunk Contest – BlackSportsOnline
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Ben McLemore May Attempt A ‘720’ In Slam Dunk Contest


Ben McLemore can leap out the building, but this might be a bit to ambitious on his part.

McLemore will be in the slam dunk contest, and according to SBNation’s Celticsblog, McLemore will attempt a 720 in the competition, which is two complete spins before dunking.

“I’m definitely a high flyer. I can get high. I just want to show my athleticism out there on the floor and bring a lot of excitement out there.”

Being both aerially dynamic and a high leaper, the current holy grail of the slam dunk, the 720, has come under consideration.

“I was thinking about that, nobody has put that up,” McLemore told CLNS Radio. “But we’ll see.”

It would be an amazing feat for McLemore, and should automatically give his team the win.  Here’s video of the first ever completed 720-dunk.