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Eli Manning On Why He’s To Blame For Giants Loss


The Giants lost a heartbreaking game last night against the Cowboys; Tony Romo made an impressive last minute score that put a dagger into many of the Giants hearts last night. So, who was to blame for the Giants first season loss? From many reports today, Coughlin took the blame, some reported that Rashad Jennings was told not to score, and now QB Eli Manning is stepping up and claiming fault.

Either way, I don’t think anything the Giants did could’ve prevented the Cowboys from winning. At that point, Romo shined and lead his team strong and quickly down the field and produced a great score. The Giants aren’t as bad as everyone is making them to be, its always the small details that teams need to fix to be lethal. Eli is a good QB and has the potential to lead this team to some great victories. As soon as he hammers out the minor things and Coughlin fixes the lack of communication within his coaching team, the possibilities are there for the Giants.

H/T: FoxSports