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NFL Blames T.O. Infamous Cowboys Star Celebration For Penalizing Twerking


I’m not sure what twerking has to do with stomping on the star or logo’s, but NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino tried to clarify the rules on excessive celebrations in a video shared with the media Thursday.

Hoping to clarify what is and isn’t allowed, Blandino discussed how referees would now enforce the rule on “sexually suggestive” — twerk dancing that has taken over the spotlight in recent weeks.

“If it looks like it, it probably is, and we’re trying to give our officials some consistent guidelines,” Blandino said in the video, according to ProFootballTalk.

So it’s sexual if Antonio Brown or Emmanuel Sanders do a dumb rendition of the twerk, but NFL cheerleaders and dance teams are free to gyrate all they want.

While attempting to outline the NFL’s “slippery slope” approach to enforcing the rule, Blandino clouded them even more by insinuating that if we didn’t stop the twerking, then we could have players going full Terrell Owens — stomping on the other teams star.

“Believe me, if we let this go,” Blandino said, “it will continue to grow and certain players will continue to try to outdo each other, and then it leads to other things. Players stomping on logos, and players hitting those players stomping on logos.”

So because we live in an ultra-sensitive society — Josh Norman can’t do the bow and arrow celebration because fans will assume Norman’s is promoting violence inside of the most violent sport around.

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