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Coach Jerry Jones on If Romo is Playing in Week 17

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Up until now, the questions about Tony Romo taking over for Dak Prescott have been pretty much asinine. Prescott has gotten better every week and the Cowboys have reflected his growth, so why so many cries for Romo’s return?

Now we’ve come to the tail-end of the season. The Cowboys are sitting pretty at 13-2, with the NFC’s No. 1 seed all wrapped up, and again, questions about Romo playing are re-surfacing.

While many feel like Prescott (and other impact players) should sit the bench and rack up the rest, some others; Jerry Jones included, feel that the rookie needs every snap he can get going into a unfamiliar playoff situation with a historic season now all-but-behind him.

Jones spoke with the media after last night’s 42-21 blowout of the Detroit Lions:

Look at what Dak Prescott learned tonight and what’s now in his computer that wasn’t there before tonight in terms of working with Dez Bryant in terms of executing the offense. With him being a rookie, we really need all these reps he can get, including any reps we get this week and next week, because we want him to be as educated and as well-prepared and have as much experience as he can when we get in the playoffs.

Jones clearly wasn’t the least bit spooked by last week’s season-ending injuries to starting QBs Marcus Mariota or Derek Carr, and he’s right not to be.

In the NFL, a season like the one Dallas is having is so rare, when in the midst of one, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to cease the learning going on with this young team. Ezekiel Elliot sitting? A case can be made for that just going by the position he plays, but for Dak; every chance to control the offense is a new learning experience; and if he’s healthy…I agree with coach Jerry Jones; there’s no reason to pull him at this point.