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How DeAndre Jordan Could Be The Next Clipper To Go To The Eastern Conference

NBA trade circuit went to volcanic levels this week as Blake Griffin was traded to the Detroit Pistons. Now, everyone is waiting for what’s next because as the deadline looms closer, it’s definitely going to get more exciting.

Plenty of teams are on cusps and are a jockeying themselves into better positions. One of those teams are the Bucks. The Bucks are 27-22 and are currently 6th in the east. You can argue that’s a bit of an under achievement for a team many had taking another step this year especially behind Antetokounmpo.

In a big move before any trades, they fired Jason Kidd. Now, they’re exploring various trade options and Basketball Insiders, Steve Kyler reports the Bucks are looking at centers DeAndre Jordan or Hassan Whiteside.

Timing seems to line up because Jabari Parker is set to return and he’ll most likely be involved in trade talks.

It’s difficult to see the Heat trading away Whiteside considering they are currently 4th in east with a 29-21 record and he’s averaging 14pts and 11rebs per game. Miami’s not a big team and he’s their main rebounder so Bucks would have to give up a lot for Whiteside.

Clippers on the other hand are in rebuild mode. They are clearly shopping players and who knows who’s next at this point. Getting Jordan is more reasonable for the Bucks but Clippers are obviously going to maximize what they receive.

Bucks are looking to make a big splash, so we’ll see if they can get something done.