Pusha T & Others Accuse Yes Julz of Having Sex With LeBron & D Wade After Julz Takes Shots at Joe Budden, Karen Civil and Black Women (Pics-Vids-Tweets)

Here is a brief timeline of what is going on.

Yes Julz came on the scene as a social influencer mostly on snapchat. She has flipped that into party promotions and a lot of things. She has a questionable past including some arrests for prostitution.

In her early days, LeBron was a big supporter of hers which led greatly to her being connected to a lot of influential people in the industry. In many ways he kickstarted her career something that Karen Civil acknowledged.

As she grew in influence she became problematic for a lot of people because people felt like she was using black culture and black men, but only when it was beneficial to her. There have also been rumors she slept her way into the industry.

A couple of years back she was caught up in a N*gger controversy and that is when LeBron and others started to distance themselves from her. It is also the time that Pusha T implied that she had slept with LeBron and Joe Budden put it out there she did it with a lot of other people including D Wade.

Fast forward to today and she goes on a podcast with a battle rapper named Murda Mook. During the podcast she addresses some of the people she has issues with including Budden who she claims broke off their friendship because she couldn’t help him return a $400 pair of sweatpants he wore and Karen Civil.

It looks bad that she is in a room of black people talking down about black women while Mook is acting super extra and shucking and jiving at everything she says.

It isn’t really fair to Wade or Bron because they are in happy committed relationships, but once again Pusha T being a chatty patty has them on the hot seat.

The videos come out and then the old rumors about LeBron and D Wade start spreading again like wildfire.

All caught up?

Julz totally denies that she has ever had sex with LeBron or anyone else that was mentioned in the threads, but the fact she had to address let’s you know how crazy things had gotten.

Flip the pages for Julz’ interviews, the LeBron conspiracy theory and the twitter back forth.¬†Also, she has a weird moaning sex tape, but I digress.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline