The Jazz Fan Shane Keisel Who Reportedly Told Russell Westbrook to Get Down on His Knees Like He’s Use To is MAGA & a Big Trump Supporter; Deletes Twitter After His Tweets Are Exposed (Video-Tweets)

Shane Keisel wants you to believe Russell Westbrook flipped out on him because he told Russ to sit down and ice his knees.

Do you really believe someone who is MAGA (his Twitter feed @skeisel391 shows his love for Trump) really said something that mundane to a person of color?

I don’t, I believe what Patrick Patterson said and that is that he told Westbrook to get on his knees, because that sounds a lot more like something a MAGA fan would say.

He is copping pleas now, but you know he is lying.

These racists fans need to be removed from the game and I have no issues with Westbrook wanting to beat his ass.

Flip the pages for Westbrook going off on him, Patterson & Westbrook explaining what happened and Keisel lying. We also have a ton of tweets from Keisel being racist.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline