D.L. Hughley On Knicks Fan James Dolan Kicked Out Of MSG Not Having To Watch His Sh*tty Team Play Again (Video)

Knicks owner James Dolan threatened to ban a fan from Madison Square Garden over the weekend after they said he needs to sell the team. D.L Hughley is a California native and Lakers fan but went in on Dolan for trying to kick out the fan.

Hughley said to TMZ Sports that the Knicks are s*itty and being banned from the games is doing the fan “a f*cking favor.” It also saves a lot of money and being aggravated. This includes trying to kick out every Knick fan. Hughley also says banning the fan is like Dolan saying he won’t let him have a bite out of the “s*it sandwich.”

Hughley finished by saying that Dolan needs to pay Knicks fans to come to the games. New York is 13-54 right now and has the word record in the NBA. Hughley was right about his comments about Dolan. The threat to ban the fan was a wrong move but does save him from suffering. Flip the page for Hughley’s full comments on Dolan.

Yuriy Andriyashchuk

24. From Atlanta, University of Nevada-Las Vegas alum, die-hard Atlanta sports fan, and hip-hop fan.