How Ex-Baylor DE Shawn Oakman Went Broke Fighting a False Rape Allegation; Forced to Sell His Bowl Game Ring, NFL Prospects Ruined & Now Drowning in Debt (Pics-Vid)

The accuser in this case will face no consequences.

Oakman was for not guilty of rape in less than two hours after text messages, independent witnesses and DNA proved he was innocent well beyond just reasonable doubt.

Unfortunately for Oakman because of the case he wasn’t drafted in the NFL and now he is 27 with a lot of debt because he had to spend all his money fighting the case.

The defensive end was accused of sexual assault in 2016, just days before the NFL draft would’ve likely made him a millionaire. He went undrafted and hasn’t stepped foot on an NFL field yet.

Oakman recently sat down for an interview with Ben Raymond for a special called “Shawn Oakman: The Rebirth” and opened up about what the entire ordeal cost him, and the cost was HIGH.

“I went through two paid lawyers. The second lawyer, it got all the way to trial. The week before she needed $60k just to step in the courtroom. I already gave her $60k … but she needed $60k just to step in the courtroom, so she dropped my case. I didn’t have it.”

“That’s when I got a public defender,” Oakman said.

Shawn, who had yet to sign a pro contract, went on to describe exactly the way he came up with the cash for his defense.

“Before that, basically I had one of my bowl game rings. I sold my bowl game ring on eBay to pay for my lawyer.”

Oakman is now 27, has lost three insanely important years of his career, and might not ever get his NFL chance.

For those who question Oakman’s innocence, just remember the DA knew he was innocent because they offered him probation with no jail time for a plea deal, but he refused to take it because he knew he didn’t do it.

Flip the page for Oakman explaining how everything went down and his life was ruined.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline