John Singleton’s Mom Explains How She Feels About Rayvon Jones, Singleton’s Girlfriend, After She Didn’t Call 911 When She Had a Chance to Save His Life (Facebook Post)

John Singleton tragically passed away in April at the age of 51. Months later, the news is still tough to digest for Singleton’s family, friends and fans who lauded his brilliant work and character.

Singleton is the youngest person to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director for the 1991 film “Boyz N the Hood”. His mother, Sheila Ward, captured a big victory in court this week after officially being named executor of the late director’s estate. The decision was reached after a month-long battle between Ward and Singleton’s daughter Cleopatra.

In a post on her Facebook, Ward expressed the great pain she’s endured while trying to come to terms with her son’s passing and suggests John Singleton’s girlfriend did not do enough to save his life.

“No one called ME no one called 911 they shifted you to your bed and let you lay until the morning. No one called your mother or the medical professionals who could have helped you. NO NO NO. I can’t stop thinking about this truth.”

Ward detailed her son’s final moments in stunning detail. Her message does not explicitly mention Rayvon Jones by name, however she claims she feels sorry because “they must live” with how things happened. Jones has denied playing a role in John Singleton’s death, and has been insistent she’d do whatever it took if she knew the severity of Singleton’s condition.

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