Lee Daniels’ Niece Miy Released Texts Message Claiming Carmelo Anthony is The Father of Her Premature Twin Babies and That is Why LaLa Filed For Divorce | BlackSportsOnline
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Lee Daniels’ Niece Miy Released Texts Message Claiming Carmelo Anthony is The Father of Her Premature Twin Babies and That is Why LaLa Filed For Divorce

BSO reported how LaLa Anthony has officially filed for divorce from Carmelo.

At the time, it seemed that the divorce was amicable and they had just grown apart. My spider-senses though were tingling that there may be more to the story considering that LaLa decided against divorcing Carmelo after he had a baby out of wedlock. My thought process was if she would stay for that, what could possibly make her leave now.

According to Hollywood Unlocked, we have our answers, ALLEGEDLY.

A woman who rather not share her full name has revealed to us that Carmelo Anthony is allegedly the father of her newborn twins and she even has receipts! We were able to chat with the woman who alleged how they met, how he allegedly hid his new family from the public, and how one celeb [allegedly] got involved to get answers for Melo’s wife, Lala Anthony.

She noted that although she knew Carmelo was married, he came off as a single man because he would FaceTime her in his bed at his home, who he shares with LaLa Anthony, and noted that he didn’t even spend holidays with his family.

in September, the woman found out she was pregnant with twins! The plan was for her to get an abortion in LA, which Carmelo agreed to as neither of them wanted it to turn into a bigger situation. The woman, 38, said she needed a medical abortion, which means she had to be accompanied by someone. But Carmelo never flew back from Portland to LA to show up for the procedure.

The woman has been IDed from photos and other sources as Lee Daniels’ niece Miy Lee.

I know what you are thinking this story sounds a bit fishy.

I will be honest, I agree with you, is she doing this for clout and just making everything up? Does the fact that she is related to a famous person make the story more credible?

Here is the rest of how it allegedly went down.

As time went on, she was no longer able to have the abortion so the two came up with a plan: To avoid controversy, they both agreed for her to fly out to London to have the babies with the agreement that he would come out there and visit when his season was over.

Carmelo suggested making the babies British citizens.

The babies were born in April, prematurely as they came out two months early! Sadly, they are still in the hospital as they have to remain there until her due date, which was scheduled for mid-June. (This is common for premature babies). However, the woman shared that her son developed problems with his brain and lacked oxygen, so he needed surgery.

Now it is sounding a bit like a Tyler Perry movie or a Lee Daniels TV series.

Moving to France, making the kids British citizens, what in the blue hell.

There is more.

As for her reason for speaking out now, she says she realized she’s been “living a whole lie” and it’s been eating her up inside. She has not told her family or close friends about her kids and even previously denied pregnancy rumors to protect Carmelo and his family.

She also noted that one of Lala Anthony’s close friends got involved and even hired a private investigator to find out who she was. However, the woman didn’t want to get too deep into those details as her main focus is to get her story out and grab Carmelo’s attention.

What a tale she just told.

As far as what evidence she has, she provided Hollywood Unlocked one text message allegedly of Carmelo speaking about the babies.

She claims she has more receipts but didn’t provide them.

One last odd thing. One of the twins is named CASH, which happens to be the same name as the fictional son of LaLa’s character on POWER.

Do you believe her?

Flip the page for the text message and photos of the alleged woman who is Lee Daniels’ niece Miy Lee; Along with the evidence that Carmelo has been creeping and the other side baby he had while married to LaLa.

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