Miy Lee Named One of Carmelo Anthony’s Twins Cash After Lala’s Fictional Son on POWER; Says LaLa Cheated on Melo – BlackSportsOnline
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Miy Lee Named One of Carmelo Anthony’s Twins Cash After Lala’s Fictional Son on POWER; Says LaLa Cheated on Melo

BSO reported on the explosive story on how Lee Daniels’ niece Miy claims she had an affair with Carmelo Anthony and gave birth to his premature twins.

She claimed Melo wanted to send her overseas to have the babies so no one especially his wife LaLa found out about the kids.

Many people asked why Miy would carry on a relationship with a married man and here is her explanation for that.

The woman explained that she met Carmelo in New York in 2020. After turning him down a few times, he insisted that he was not trying to hit on her but just wanted to be “cool” and “hang out.” Because of his good energy and vibe, she went along with it and kept in contact with him. She said during 2020, they talked almost every day and the two eventually hung out and later started hooking up. She noted that although she knew Carmelo was married, he came off as a single man because he would FaceTime her in his bed at his home, who he shares with LaLa Anthony, and noted that he didn’t even spend holidays with his family!

While she admits that she’s no angel, she says she honestly didn’t feel bad about seeing Carmelo because she alleges that she also knows “who’s f*cking LaLa too!”.

There have long been rumors that LaLa has had extramarital affairs, but no concrete evidence has ever been leaked.

LaLa has officially filed for divorce from Carmelo and unlike the previous time she left him for having a baby out of wedlock this one looks like it might stick.

According to Miy, the twins are having difficulty but Melo doesn’t seem to care and has been ignoring her attempts to contact her.

The babies were born in April, prematurely as they came out two months early! Sadly, they are still in the hospital as they have to remain there until her due date, which was scheduled for mid-June. (This is common for premature babies). However, the woman shared that her son developed problems with his brain and lacked oxygen, so he needed surgery.

Knowing that she was trying to get in contact with him, instead, he allegedly emailed her to let her know that he broke his phone after throwing it against the wall for some unknown reason. She said she found it confusing as she noted that he has tons of money and could’ve easily bought a new one.

After telling him what was going on, he allegedly let her know that he had a game that night and didn’t show any worry or have any concern about his son‘s recent procedure. While telling him he needs to see his newborn babies, Carmelo tells her that he still needs time to figure everything out. He also tried to reassure her that he’s not trying to brush her or the kids off but he‘s going through something with Lala and his 14-year-old son, the woman claimed. He never explained to her what he was going through, but said he’s about to lose his son because of something else he did.

The lesson seems to be cheating is ok with them, just don’t have any babies while you are doing it.

Also, one of the twins is named Cash which is the name of LaLa’s fictional son on POWER.

Flip the pages for all of Miy’s “evidence” that she claims shows she is telling the truth.

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