Brittany Renner Declares It is “Step Daddy Season” After Breaking Up With PJ Washington; Dating Kevin Gates – BlackSportsOnline
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Brittany Renner Declares It is “Step Daddy Season” After Breaking Up With PJ Washington; Dating Kevin Gates

The message vs. the messenger.

We speak about that a lot; regardless of what you think about the Brittany Renner-PJ Washington situation, there are some things she is saying in her latest video that is true. Even if you don’t like how she presents the information, it does make sense at its core.

People have kids, and sometimes it doesn’t work out. That happens a lot, but normally, the major key is what happens after that. If the co-parenting goes well and when you move on with other people, they treat your child with love and respect, that can be a beautiful thing.

It can become toxic if you have multiple kids by multiple people and/or people aren’t good at their core.

No idea how this all plays out in the future for Renner and Washington. Washington doesn’t seem to have learned anything from his situation and is dating another IG model who doesn’t really like him at all, just likes the fact that he plays ball and is a simp.

Renner is a more interesting case because she has always been unapologetically herself. You can’t really say she tricks anyone into anything because she is always upfront about who she is.

In her latest video, the one we talked about above, she says it is Stepdaddy season, and she is ready to move on with a man who is willing to treat her and her son with the respect she deserves. She tells men that there is nothing wrong with dating women with children as long as both parties are trustworthy.

The comments are a minefield, but you have to watch for yourself and tell people what you think. It appears she has also confirmed that she is spending a lot of time with one of her ex-flames, Kevin Gates. She posted for the second time in so many weeks at his concert with full backstage access.

Gates is married, but it has been reported it is an open marriage.

Flip the page for Renner speaking about Step Daddy Season, hanging out with Kevin Gates, and more pics-vids of her now that she is back thirst trapping on the gram.

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