75 Years Of Greatness; Here Is The BSO NBA Preview And Biggest Storylines Heading Into #NBA75 – BlackSportsOnline
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75 Years Of Greatness; Here Is The BSO NBA Preview And Biggest Storylines Heading Into #NBA75

It’s that time again, and the NBA season tips off tonight!

It won’t be the shortest offseason ever, but it came close with only 91 days between the end of last season and the star of this one. Last year everyone only got 72 days off, and it looks like everything is heading back to normalcy.

We got somewhat of an entire offseason that had the pre-draft process that led to the draft, which led to Summer League being back, which will significantly help this year’s incoming class of rookies. There also wasn’t a rushed free agency like last year.

The league is trying to get back on track after all of the Covid protocols last year, and it seems like they’re on the right path. Most of the players and staff in the league are vaccinated and won’t have many restrictions while in the arena like last year. It seems like most players are on board with the Covid/vaccination rules, and everyone (for the most part) respects the guys who don’t want to get vaccinated.

This is a special season for the NBA with all of the Covid protocols and things teams have to deal with. It will be the 75th Anniversary Season. 75 years of greatness and seeing how the game has expanded to a worldwide product.

There will be all kinds of celebrations to commemorate the milestone, and it will make the season that much more enjoyable.

That’s only one of the storylines heading into the season with lots more.

Here are the biggest things that will be talked about this season.

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