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Andre Rison Says Jon Gruden Can’t Be Racist

Please repeat this slowly.

Just because someone isn’t racist to you doesn’t mean they can’t be racist.

I also believe people don’t understand you don’t have to walk with a KKK hood on to be racist. You can be very nice to black people and still be racist.

You don’t see any gay people coming to Gruden’s defense, so we as black people have to stop being a savior for white men who speak down to our race.

Here is Andre Rison speaking to TMZ Sports on why Gruden isn’t racist.

“We all say some things behind closed doors that we regret or we wouldn’t say in public,” said Rison, who’s remained close to Gruden even after the ’00 season ended. “We’ve all made mistakes.”

“I believe who he said and what he said and who he intended it for, it was intended for that person and nobody else.”

According to Rison, it is ok to be racist to just one person.

Flip the page for his comments and the emails.

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