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Jordan Brand Chairman Larry Miller Murdered a Kid and Hid it For 56 Years

This is a pretty crazy story.

The former President of the Jordan Brand and Blazers Larry Miller had come clean about a murder he committed when he was 16.

Miller spoke with Howard Beck of Sports Illustrated about the murder and says

This plush suite, tucked into a quiet corner of the Sebastian Coe building, on Nike’s sprawling campus in Beaverton, Ore., is the primary sanctuary for the man who has piloted the Jordan Brand since 2012, who counts MJ as a close friend and David Stern as a mentor and who has nearly every major figure in basketball (along with Kanye West) on speed dial.

It’s a secret that Miller, 72, has guarded for more than 50 years. Even as he ran an NBA franchise and then oversaw the transformation of the Jordan Brand, nearly doubling its revenue during his tenure, he kept it from Jordan, Nike founder Phil Knight and NBA executives. He had already, for decades, been holding the truth from his friends and even his own children, for fear its exposure might destroy him.

In a 90-minute interview with Sports Illustrated, Miller described being haunted by the killing, which he described as utterly senseless. He did not know the victim, identified in the news then as 18-year-old Edward White.

He was arrested and got out of prison when he was 30 and also says that if he could go back and undo it, he would.

Somehow he was able to keep this a secret.

Considering they do background checks to work at Target, this is somewhat amazing. It is likely that it didn’t pop up on any check because he was a minor at the time, and those records are sealed even if he got out of prison as an adult.

He explains why he did it.

“That’s what makes it even more difficult for me, because it was for no reason at all,” Miller told Sports Illustrated. “I mean, there was no valid reason for this to happen. And that’s the thing that I really struggle with and that’s—you know, it’s the thing that I think about every day. It’s like, I did this, and to someone who—it was no reason to do it. And that’s the part that really bothers me.”

As Miller describes it, his decision to pull the trigger was an act of retribution. Earlier that month, a younger friend—someone he considered “an innocent”—had been stabbed and killed during a fight with the 53rd and Pine gang.”

He explains how he was worried that his secret would come out every day, but it never did.

He even got clearance to the White House to have dinner with the Clintons.

One of the craziest stories you will ever read.

Really crazy.

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