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Brittany Renner on if Colin Kaepernick Made Her Paid For Her Own Flights to See Him

This is one of those strange footnotes in Colin Kaepernick’s life story that unless you were around when it happened, it probably won’t ever be talked about 20 years from now. I wouldn’t say Kaepernick was self-absorbed when he first came into the NFL, but he was like a lot of players who just cared about balling, kissing his biceps, and hotting.

Along the way, he met Brittany Renner, and she detailed their interaction in her book “Judge This Cover.”

The Colin Kaepernick allegations were told as Kaepernick made Renner pay for her own flights to see him in order to “test her true intentions and interest”. An excerpt from Total Pro Sports reads, “…she took an expensive Uber ride to their house to meet him. He told her that he had only slept with 25 gals in his lifetime & she said that was a lie…In true Colin form, he told her she had to pay for her own flights to see him. Convinced her that this was a test to gauge her true intentions and interest. Told her that if she was in it for the right reasons, she would save her money for flights…When it was time for her to catch her flight home, she asked when was she going to see him again. He said and she quoted “what I want to do and what I’m going to do are two different things. That’s all I’m going to say”. It went downhill from there.

No one has ever dared ask Kaepernick about it, and to Renner’s credit, she seems to understand that Kap has a bigger purpose now and doesn’t want to undermine that.

When pressed on the matter by VladTV, she decided to take the high road in discussing their relationship.

In this clip, Brittany Renner spoke about moving to Michigan after leaving her semi-pro soccer team, and she detailed taking odd jobs after moving. She then spoke about starting her Instagram page in 2012, and then WorldStarHipHop reaching out a year later to feature her in a video. After speaking about having over 5 million followers now, Brittany addressed dodging questions about her alleged romance with Colin Kaepernick in her 2014 VladTV interview.

Flip the page to see Renner’s thoughts on Kaepernick along with more pics-vids if that was the only reason you were here.

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