David Mann Talks Season 2 Of Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living: Tells BSO How His Character Mr. Brown Got Ashy Knees – BlackSportsOnline
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David Mann Talks Season 2 Of Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living: Tells BSO How His Character Mr. Brown Got Ashy Knees

Tyler Perry funniest comedic Legend is in the press tonight. David Mann opens up about the return of Tyler Perry's Assisted Living returning for Season 3 soon on BET, how he originally came up with the ashy knees during his early day stage plays, God's mercy through these times of COVID and what his beautiful wife Tamela Mann means to him despite her personal health problems prior to releasing her latest album OVERCOMER! Mr. Mann gives the most amazing answer any husband would give when it comes to the love of his wife. Great yet funny conversation with laughter for GROWN FOLKS ONLY! #TPRA #MRBROWN! Press Release 2.🍷🍷🍷🍷🎥🎥

Posted by Nathan Addison on Saturday, August 21, 2021

Actor and comedian David Mann is heavily known for his comedic roles portraying Mr. Brown in the classic Tyler Perry Madea films.

If it wasn’t the ashy knees or Mann’s ability to sing Gospel songs with a high pitch voice, it definitely was his way of stealing the show and entertaining fans in a crowd or in front of their TV screens.

Mann spoke with BSO in August on the journey of living a glorious life with his beautiful wife Tamela. Since Covid-19 arrived in January 2020, it has destroyed the normality of living and taken the lives of loved ones. Nothing is expected to go back to normal when God is in control as life moves forward. In Mann’s case, he’s blessed to still be alive without contracting the virus giving glory to God.

“You know there is no comparison. Without Christ, I do know without him I would not be nowhere near where I am today. I wouldn’t be here of course. So, I’m finding myself having to stop more and acknowledge him (God) more. I stop a lot more often. I think when we’re in the church we get into this mode where we got to take four or five hours to go thank you lord…thank you Jesus,” Mann said. “It could’ve been one of us. It could’ve been me or you. It’s been very vital to hang everything on my faith and totally depend on God because we can not do it on our own.”

Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living opened the door for fans to get a glimpse of how Mann’s character Mr. Brown evolved since the stage plays.

“Mr. Brown is Mr. Brown but what Mr. Brown is doing now is…he’s more business savvy. He’s coming into a little money so you know he tries to maneuver a little different way than he did on Meet The Browns. On Meet The Browns, he inherited some stuff, you know so he’s coming to a point where he has some money so he’s good. So he treats life a little differently.

David went on to speak about the importance of marriage and how his wife Tamela who released her latest album “Overcomer” is his medicine when he’s feeling low.

“You see my gorilla friend? It’s like I’m King Kong and you know the little lady that can soothe King Kong? That’s what Tamela is to me,” Mann said. “She’s that rock. Of course, I know my help comes from the Lord and he’s my source but he’s given me a person here on earth who can soothe the savage beast.”

Tyler Perry’s Season 2 of Assisted Living is now streaming on BET.