Tristan Thompson Offered Maralee Nichols $75k To Stay Quiet About Baby; Went By “Trevor” in Court Docs to Hide Story From Khloe – BlackSportsOnline
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Tristan Thompson Offered Maralee Nichols $75k To Stay Quiet About Baby; Went By “Trevor” in Court Docs to Hide Story From Khloe

I have to admit that Tristan Thompson did a pretty good job at hiding his latest cheating scandal from the world.

This happened almost nine months ago, and we are just hearing about it today. A personal trainer Maralee Nichols is suing Tristan for child support. She said they had a five-month-long affair that resulted in her becoming pregnant. Tristan doesn’t deny they slept together but claims it only happened once.

Nichols wants the child support case to be tried in California, where they are more much in favor of the mother, and Tristan wants it in Texas, where the dad gets more favorable settlements.

In fact, according to Radar Online, Tristan would like to make sure before he starts cutting any checks that the baby is actually his.

Tristan Thompson was working overtime to try and keep the public from finding out about his new baby mama.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, the NBA star filed a paternity lawsuit against Houston-based Maralee Nichols in July, weeks after she slapped him with legal papers in California. He filed using his middle name of Trevor instead of Tristan.

In the documents, he says he is alleged to be the father of an unborn child. He says Maralee is living in Marina Del Rey but owns property in Texas.

In the filing, Tristan demanded the case be heard in Texas and not in California, where the court could award higher child support. He noted that the child is set to be born this month.

Tristan also told the court that the child was conceived during sexual intercourse in Texas. At the time, he demanded a DNA test be done to determine if he was the father. In docs filed in October, Tristan was still seeking a test once the child is born.

“TRISTAN is skeptical as to his paternity of MARALEE’s unborn child,” the docs read.

In some bombshell text messages, Tristan says he will retire after this season, so don’t expect him to pay any more than a couple of hundred dollars a month in child support. Tristan also states he has no plans to be in the child’s life, even if it is his.

He offered her a one-time payment of $75k to make the whole thing go away.

Flip the pages for the $75k offer texts and court docs showing Tristan admitting to cheating on Khloe.

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