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Michael Jackson Impersonator Beat Up Drunk Man in Vegas

Word on the street is the real Michael Jackson could throw hands and had a temper.

It is hard to imagine with that soft voice of his and his slender frame, but never forget that he grew up in Gary, Indiana, with an abusive father that makes you tougher than you think.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Mike knocked a few people out in his day. Maybe hit a Rock Bottom on a couple of assistants.

What would you do if Michael Jackson just walked up to you and pimp slapped you with his glove? Would you try to fight or just stand there in shock you got pimp slapped by the King of Pop?

While you ponder those things, TMZ found a video of a Michael Jackson impersonator in Vegas (there are a ton of them) who obviously has some MMA experience as he chokes out this drunk white man bothering him.

There’s not a whole lot of info on what’s behind the fight, but it went down on Fremont Street.

The fight looks almost slapstick … MJ and the dude squaring off with fists raised, and then they tangle.

Michael’s ground game is far superior to the guy in green, and he eventually gets the guy in a headlock and begins to squeeze. At a point, it’s not funny anymore, and it looks like the guy might lose consciousness. Some passersby disentangle the 2 and no one seems worse for wear.

We don’t know what started the fight, but the shirt on the guy in green reads, “CAN’T FIX STUPID.”

This seems pretty normal for 2022, to be honest, just another random thing to watch, laugh at and keep it moving. Hopefully, the drunk man sobered up.

Flip the pages for the full fight and some of the hilarious Twitter reactions to it. The responses might be the best thing about the video.

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