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Bow Wow Responds To Rumors That He’s Been Texting Jayda Cheaves and Causing Lil Baby’s Chest to Hurt

Bow Wow has reacted to wild rumors that he has been texting Jayda Cheaves and according to him, that’s not even how he gets down. One fan who probably had heard about rumors that Bow Wow is the man texting Jayda tweeted and asked him about it.

Bow Wow replied;

“False! I have the upmost respect for Lil Baby. That’s not even my get down. We have mutual people we deal with. I would never.”

Another curious fan asked if he was mixed up in the texting drama and here is what he had to say:

 “Absolutely not. I just be minding my business and my name gets thrown in things im not even aware of. Im pose to be the irrelevant rapper so why and how do folks think bow wow when its time to start rumors? I dont get it.”

This whole Bow Wow-Jayda texting drama began after she announced that she’s currently single.

“I’m finally standing up. Everything comes to an end. Never force it. Be happy. I’m willing to [X] anybody out for my happiness and peace. I post my own [tea] so I can clown myself before I get clowned. Cuz shiddddd it’s cold out here. Ion know how this [shit] gon go. Have a beautiful day everyone.”

Here is the latest on Jayda and Lil Baby.

After the internet learned that Lil’ Baby and his longtime girlfriend Jayda Cheaves broke up, a woman came forward and decided to expose the Atlanta rapper. A woman who goes by Slim Danger and also has a son with Chief Keef, claimed that she and the “Do We Have A Problem?” rapper had a sexual relationship. She added that she was spilling the beans about their affair because he didn’t pay her any hush money to keep her quiet.

“And when you don’t come correct and your hush money is short these the pics that girlfriend gets, thank you Jayda,” Slim Danger said in a video.

Slim Danger also shared a TikTok post that said “When Lil baby ask why does everybody think we f*****?…Cause we did.”

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