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Gabrielle Union on How She Helped Dwyane Wade’s Son Zion Transition to a Girl a Named Zaya

This will always be a controversial topic.

It isn’t so much that people are against anyone transitioning to whoever they want to be. It is more about the age that should happen. Zaya Wade said she knew at three years old that she was meant to be a girl, not a boy. Most of us can’t remember anything at three years old, and some would say your brain isn’t even developed enough to make those types of decisions.

Whatever the case, the Wades embraced Zaya’s desire to transition and helped in the process. Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union, speaks about her role in that.

Union is a mom to daughter Kaavia and a stepmom to Dwyane’s three kids from a previous marriage.

Gabrielle has developed an especially close bond with his daughter Zaya, 14, who transitioned in 2020.

She noted, “I think a lot of people romanticize stepparent-child relationships and that it’s all super-fast, and the reality is, just like any other relationship, it takes time and consistency… You can’t step in and assume any role that doesn’t exist… Time is time.”

She continued, “I had to figure out a way to know what my place is — not just in her life but in our house. And then who can I be to her, like a revered adult… And our relationship is beautiful because we took the time.”

Gabrielle and Zaya work together on handling social media at home. She explained, “It’s all checks and balances… We have to constantly check in and have real discussions about the people that she follows, the people she wants to follow.”

Now, the two are teaming up to combat toxic online beauty advice with the help of the Dove self-esteem project. Gabrielle pointed out, “Fifty percent of girls on social media report getting bad or negative beauty advice. That’s leading to low self-esteem, and we know how far it can go and where low self-esteem can lead. I’m not willing to take that risk… It helps empower parents.”

As for how to fight back against toxic information, Gabrielle answered, “We do positive affirmations. We don’t speak negatively about our skin color or our hair texture. We try to use more celebratory language in our house.”

Union stressed the importance of “promoting resources, helping folks to start a conversation.”

The Wades have made Zaya, the face of young transgender people, and like with everything, some people will agree or disagree with that decision.

In the end, it is their child, and they have to make the decisions they feel are correct.

Flip the pages for Union speaking about that and Zaya with her new trans boyfriend.

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