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The Hosts From the PIVOT Talk to Robert Littal About Changing the Culture of Podcasting

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Hollywood Hills to visit the $44 Million RAMS House, but I wasn’t just there to look at the views, and they were beautiful views. I was there to check out the hottest sports, culture, and entertainment podcast in the country right now, THE PIVOT.

Hosted by former NFL player Channing Crowder, Ryan Clark, and Fred Taylor, the PIVOT has been in the news for their thought-provoking interviews, candor, humor, and sometimes controversial opinions on what is going on in the world today.

The fellas were at the RAMS House legends like Eric Dickerson, Super Bowl champion Andrew Whitworth and passing down some knowledge to some Rams Rookies.

The first question I asked the guys was how this all came together.

Fred Taylor: It was just a situation where Channing and I had a conversation and said we can, we can do this. We can do this on our own. We had a few conversations with Ryan Clark, which was just a huge blessing in disguise for us because of what RC brings to the table.

I had to ask Channing Crowder about what it is like when some of the things he says on the Podcast causes a stir on social media, and he is put on that Summer Jam screen.

Channing Crowder: The subscribers went up, the follows went up, and all that. So when you say something, people want to argue with you, but my old soul part of it is that I really don’t give seven sh*ts about anybody. If you’re evaluating me, I can’t evaluate you, but you care about my opinion. I don’t care about yours. And that’s the thing I look at. So I get DMS all the time. Even today, I’m going to get some nasty DMS. I’m going to get all that.

Lastly, I asked Ryan how this show is different than what we see every day with sports media and how it is more authentic than most.

Ryan Clark: I think the cool part is we don’t, we not necessarily give takes, we don’t have a script.

When we sit down, we don’t know where the conversation is going, and we have to be able, for lack of a better word, to pivot in the direction that it is, but that brings out authenticity. When you’re sitting with Michael Beasley, this big 6’10” dude with tattoos everywhere, and he’s crying. If you don’t actually feel them, if you can’t truly empathize with them, then you can’t do that show. When you sit down with Shaq or Charles Barkley, or you could flip that and be with Dana White, who for most people is not a part of our culture, but we felt had a story to tell, and we wanted to let them tell it in the ways we would ask questions.

You can watch my full interview with the hosts of the PIVOT Podcast below, and be sure to subscribe.

With over 323,000 subscribers since debuting, new episodes drop on Tuesdays at 12 p.m. ET on their YouTube Channel, with audio also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Follow along on Twitter @ThePivot and Instagram @ThePivot, as well as on Facebook and Tik Tok. The Podcast is produced by Shots Studios in collaboration with RFC Productions, an Emmy-award-winning team committed to bringing fans the content they desire.