Sonya Curry and Jada Pinkett Share Stories on Dealing With Their Husbands’ Groupies While Also Cheating on Their Husbands Themselves – BlackSportsOnline
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Sonya Curry and Jada Pinkett Share Stories on Dealing With Their Husbands’ Groupies While Also Cheating on Their Husbands Themselves

It’s Will Smith who should be advised on how to deal with the men around Jada Pinkett and not the other way round. Stephen Curry’s mother Sonya Curry during a resurfaced interview Jada had with the Curry family back then advised Jada on how to deal with the women around Will Smith.

Apparently, Jada was feeling insecure and scared to lose Will Smith to another woman and this advice from Sonya Curry probably did some good at the time.

According to Essentially Sports;

Jada Pinkett Smith, who hosts Red Table Talk, sat with the Curry family as she invited all the women who contribute to and sustain the Curry family. Basketball superstar Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry was also present, while Sonya Curry was there as well.

This episode was released back in 2019, where all these women discussed what it was like to be married to famous personalities and how to deal with things that come along with it.

The statements that were made after this caught the attention of the audience as they received many comments from fans. During the conversation, Jada Smith received advice from Stephen’s mother about dealing with “Women Around Will Smith.”

In addition to discussing their relationship with NBA players, they discussed how they handled women around their men. They also discussed being confident about themselves. Their conversation also centered on dealing with anxiety.

The conversation began when Jada asked the women of the Curry family how they deal with the female fans in the vicinity of their husbands. In response, Sonya, Stephen’s mother, explained her position as follows:

As she explained a situation by giving an example, if there was a woman attracted to her man, she would be okay with it, “But if my man turns around and was like, ‘hi, da da da da da’ which happened a couple of time, I would be like, ‘Hold up. No, wait’ And I would solve it. I was the one, I am always one to solve things right then. Like you need to back up and you need to make her back up. And so we would just solve that right there.”

In the end both Sonya and Jada at the time were cheating on their respective husbands. Jada was having an entanglement with August Alsina and Sonya was having affair with Dell’s friend Ex-Patriots TE Steven Johnson. It is why you have to take all these shows with a grain of salt.

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