Jada Pinkett Helped Sonya Curry Realized She Needed Divorce Dell and Start Her Affair With Ex-Pats TE Steven Johnson – BlackSportsOnline
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Jada Pinkett Helped Sonya Curry Realized She Needed Divorce Dell and Start Her Affair With Ex-Pats TE Steven Johnson

Jada Pinkett Smith had an interview with Stephen Curry’s mother Sonya Curry somewhere in 2019 where she reflected on her marriage with Dell Curry. Jada’s reaction to Sonya talking about her marriage and how life changed after getting married to Dell caught the attention of viewers. Well, Essentially Sports termed Jada’s reaction as “rarely seen” in the below publication;

In one of the episodes of Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Gammy travel to North Carolina to the private home of NBA Royalty to meet the queens of the Curry family.

They talk about entrepreneur and chef Ayesha Curry who’s the wife of Steph Curry; Steph’s sister Sydel Curry-Lee, his mother Sonya Curry, who is married to NBA veteran Dell Curry; as well as Callie Rivers, who is married to Steph’s brother Seth and is sister to NBA star Austin Rivers.

Steph’s mother Sonya got real about how life changed when she and Dell married at a young age. She said, Each stage different things fuel the marriage. There’s different types of commitments at different levels. First commitment was to the person, because you are in love. The second one, you are committed to the family. Cause you gotta build this and to some degree you are committed to kids. When you are going through bumpy times, you think a lot about kids. And the third part is ‘woah nobody’s here?’ It’s just us. He looks at me and goes, ‘you’re not that 18 years old that got married to me’. And I look at him and go, okay.” 

It seems like this Red Table Talk was the catalyst for Sonya to leave Dell and have an affair with one of his friends Steven Johnson.

Many people will think this sounds like a Tyler Perry movie, but this happens in real life a lot.

There are two types of friends in the world.

Your ride-or-die friends are more like family than friends and you casual friends who will stab you in the back (or, in this case, take your girl) if the situation presents itself and it is beneficial to the. Dell Curry and Steven Johnson weren’t best friends when they both went to school at Virginia Tech, but they were buddies.

Dell played basketball there from 1982-86, and Johnson played football there from 1984-87.

Dell married Sonya in 1988 while he was a member of the Charlotte Hornets.

Johnson and Dell were good enough friends to go to Duke games together to watch Seth Curry play.

Sonya started confiding to Johnson about the problems in her marriage, and next thing you know, they were playing naked twister.

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