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Mark Cuban Uses Lil Wayne’s Own Lyric to Clown Him Over Weezy Taking Shots at Luka

Mark Cuban has trolled rapper Lil Wayne for disrespecting Luka Doncic on Twitter. Lil Wayne on Twitter tweeted, “Luka a ho” and then Cuban who couldn’t watch on for his best player to be disrespected hit back at Lil Wayne with a reply saying;

“It’s a shit show, put you front row ” #MFFL”. 

According to Side Action;

Mark Cuban has kept all the receipts from people taking shots at his best player, Luka Doncic. And one of the haters included Lil Wayne.

Earlier in the Mavericks-Suns playoff series, Lil Wayne made his allegiance to the Suns clear when taking to social media to tweet about Doncic.

“Luka a ho,” he said at the time.

After Luka Doncic’s dominant performance in Game 7, Mark Cuban made sure to troll Lil Wayne, who was sitting court-side for the game. While Chris Paul and Devin Booker went cold for the end of the playoff series, Luka Doncic took over.

In Game 7, the rising star poured in 35 points in the easy 123-90 victory, asserting himself as one of the very best players in the entire NBA.

Mark Cuban knows he has something incredibly special in Luka Doncic, and he’s not afraid to back his guy against all of the haters, including Lil Wayne.

The Suns are being KILLED on social media, especially Chris Paul.

Chris Paul has had an interesting career.

Factually speaking, he makes every team he has been on the best they have ever been. That is a fact with the Hornets, Clippers, Rockets, and now the Suns. He has taken those teams from formats to contenders. The problem comes in the playoffs. Almost every year, at crunch time, he disappears. It is often late in the series when he starts to falter.

If he isn’t faltering late in the series, he is getting injured at the worst possible time.

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