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Mark Cuban and Lil Wayne Make Up After Wayne Threatened to Pee in Cuban’s Mouth

Following Lil Wayne and Mark Cuban going back and forth over Luka Doncic, Mack Maine claims things are good between Wayne and Mark and that there is no bad blood between them. He posted on Twitter that he just got on the phone with Lil Wayne and Mark Cuban and it’s all good.

MTO News has more;

Mack Maine has patched up the beef between Lil Wayne and Mark Cuban.

“Just got off da phone with @mcuban and @LilTunechi and IT’S ALL LOVE!!! [praying hands emoji][fingers crossed emoji],” Maine wrote.

Lil Wayne got upset after Dallas Mavericks owner used one of his own lyrics to troll him using a picture of Weezy attending a recent game.

“It’s a sh-t show, put you front row,” Cuban wrote.

Weezy took offense:

“U playin w me?? I will piss in ya fkn mouth ho,” he tweeted. “Ya lil b-tch it’s up.”

But Cuban was only joking so Mack stepped in.

It was Wayne who was out of control and probably high when he was tweeting.

Mark Cuban has trolled rapper Lil Wayne for disrespecting Luka Doncic on Twitter. Lil Wayne on Twitter tweeted, “Luka a ho” and then Cuban who couldn’t watch on for his best player to be disrespected hit back at Lil Wayne with a reply saying;

“It’s a sh*t show, put you front row ” #MFFL”.

Earlier in the Mavericks-Suns playoff series, Lil Wayne made his allegiance to the Suns clear when taking to social media to tweet about Doncic.

“Luka a ho,” he said at the time.

Wayne is now threatening to slap Mark Cuban and pee in his mouth for some reason. You have to be on heavy drugs to say you want to R Kelly, another man, to prove your point. Wayne must have forgotten how he was partying with the Mave when they beat the HEAT in the Finals back in 2011.

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