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Richard Sherman’s Baby Momma Reina Westberg Claims His Wife Ashley Moss Approved and Encouraged Their Affair

Richard Sherman is back in the news all thanks to his alleged baby momma named Reina Westberg. According to her, in a series of posts on her Instagram Story, Richard’s wife Ashley Moss approved of their relationship and that she’s known about it for over five years. Ashley is probably not bothered about whatever her husband does with other women.

Side Action has the juice;

Reina also claims she even had conversations with his wife Ashley in regards to her and Richard Sherman’s alleged romantic relationship and she has plenty of receipts.

Sherman’s alleged baby mama also claims Ashley was okay with the alleged affair as long as it was private since they have a public image of a “wholesome family,” to uphold.

Away from the allegations, here is something about Richard Sherman’s NFL career;

Richard Sherman hoped to help the Bucs to another Super Bowl when he signed with the team in September. But his NFL career appears to be all but over. Now he’s going to have to play a little defense away from the field.

Baby mommas are headaches to marriages and everyone should try and avoid that.  Reina is upset because Sherman won’t buy any pampers.

This isn’t the first time that Reina Westberg has popped up speaking about her relationship with Richard Sherman.

She has claimed to be a long-time mistress of Sherman and that Sherman had promised to leave his wife for her.

The arguing was about Reina ALLEGEDLY having Richard Sherman’s baby while Sherman was married and hoping to secure the bag.

No word of if this Reina is one of the reasons Sherman had his mental breakdown. She never denies that Sherman is the father, but she never confirms it either.

Some believe it was Sherman getting pregnant that led to his mental health issues and trying to beat up his wife’s parents.

Reina is back now coming to Sherman’s wife as a woman asking for him to buy pampers and take care of their child who she has named West Sherman.

According to Reina he has still been sleeping with her but hasn’t been helping financially. She provides some evidence via text messages they are pretty well.

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