Kendrick Perkins Confesses to Praying That LeBron James Tear His ACL Before Game 7 of 2008 Eastern Conference Semifinals – BlackSportsOnline
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Kendrick Perkins Confesses to Praying That LeBron James Tear His ACL Before Game 7 of 2008 Eastern Conference Semifinals

Kendrick Perkins is perfect for today’s media.

He isn’t really good at it, but he says a lot of stuff that goes viral even if it doesn’t make any sense or is just outright silly. Just recently he showed up to set in a jail suit to try to prove a point. 

ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins tried to make a point with his outfit on Friday morning, but it backfired badly.

On the latest edition of First Take, Perkins wore a prison-inspired outfit to highlight his point about how the Celtics put the Warriors in jail during the second half of Game 1 during the NBA Finals.

“Molly, I’m telling you, they reopened Alcatraz because they had to find room to put the Golden State Warriors…because you know what happened last night? They got the handcuffs put on them in the fourth quarter.”

Perkins was immediately mocked by Stephen A. Smith and NBA fans over his ridiculous prison outfit.

The Warriors don’t forget anything so Draymond called him a fool after winning the championship.

“You got fools like Kendrick Perkins dressing like a clown. Come up here in a jail suit. And then you leave the game early tonight. Stand on your word, brother.”

I don’t think Big Perk thinks before he speaks because now he is talking about how he legit prayed to GOD that LeBron torn his ACL before they played the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Semifinals in 2008. A game that LeBron almost single-handedly won himself.

Paul Pierce hit a shot. Then LeBron James answered. Pierce hit another and so did James.

It was like that all game long, two of the NBA’s best trying to carry their teams to the next round. Pierce and the Boston Celtics succeeded, beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 97-92 on Sunday.

Twenty years earlier there was another thrilling shootout in another seventh game of the Eastern Conference semifinals in Boston — Larry Bird vs. Dominique Wilkins.

And the result was the same: a narrow Celtics victory that sent them to the conference finals against Detroit.

Pierce scored 41 points, James had 45 and Boston remained unbeaten in the playoffs at home, where the first two games against the Pistons will be played Tuesday and Thursday night.

Random note, the only other Cavs in double figures that game to help LeBron out?

Delonte West with 15.

Flip the pages for Big Perk praying for LeBron’s downfall.

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