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Michael B. Jordan Dumped Lori Harvey Because She is an “Airhead”

When Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey ended their relationship, reports went viral that it was Lori who dumped Michael but according to wild rumors, it’s the other way round. MBJ actually dumped Lori because they weren’t on the same mentality level. According to the insider who spilled the tea, “Michael referred to Lori as an “airhead” – because of her youth and inexperience.”

MTO News got the juice;

Lori is a successful businesswoman who is widely considered to be sophisticated and intelligent, Media Take Out has confirmed with people who know Steve Harvey’s daughter. But she is just 25 years old, so a man ten years her senior may mistake her inexperience with being an “airhead.”

Here’s what the alleged insider is spreading online:

I have direct knowledge of this within Michael B Jordan’s circle because I’ve been around them since before they broke up.

Michael was saying Lori was an “airhead” and “hard to be around”. He was telling his friends that. That she was a trophy of sorts, but really dumb. He said it was hard to keep a conversation with her for long and the relationship felt shallow. I noticed he started becoming anti social around her and her friends.

On multiple occasions he would be in his phone or busy reading scripts and not really socially engaging with her. He started pulling away and going to more parties than usual with his guy friends who are single and known to date tons of women in Hollywood.

He began house hunting and they are argued because she felt the home felt masculine and more like a bachelor home, not a home for them to start a family someday. SHE pressured HIM to move the relationship to the next level. He bulked [sic] at it.

Her dad even had the talk with him and he wasn’t feeling it. She pulled rank and basically gave him an ultimatum. He said he needed time and then next thing he knew, she removed his photos on Instagram and had her team put out a press release saying they broke up. Michael had no idea she was going to do all that.

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