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126 Pounds Of Coke Washed Up On The Florida Keys Shore Over The Weekend

There is probably a very upset drug dealer right now after a large shipment of drugs washed ashore of the Florida Keys over the weekend.

126 pounds of coke to be exact. It’s estimated to be worth nearly $2 million and were discovered by bystanders who then contacted authorities according to VladTV.

According to reports, the packages weighed a combined total of 126 pounds, which is worth about $2 million on the street. The narcotics were recovered by local authorities before being handed over to Border Patrol.

The first package, weighing in at 71.6 pounds, was recovered on Friday in the mangroves by the Ocean Pointe Condominiums in the Upper Keys community of Tavernier.

“The large package contained multiple smaller packages tightly packed with black tape,” said the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Adam Linhardt said. “Its contents field-tested positive for cocaine.”

On the days that followed, the remaining packages washed up in the Duck Key in the Middle Keys and the Cudjoe Key in the Lower Keys.

There’s obviously no insurance claims the drug cartel can file for this type of thing but I wonder if they plan for this type of thing and have some kind of contingency for losing this much coke.

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