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Couple Goes Viral Over Their Bizarre Gender Reveal Stripper Pole Party

This couple has gone viral on the socials over their bizarre gender reveal party which had stripper poles, dancers, and all sorts of stuff. Their gender reveal party was not the traditional kind of gender reveal. They went off with this kind of party.

The New York Post has more;

One couple opted for a not-so-traditional approach to hosting a gender reveal party.

While many go for the standard balloon-popping or cake-cutting spectacle, mom-to-be Maria Popa decided to have a stripper pole displayed front and center at her bash.

What’s more, the pole wasn’t there as a prop: She had dancers perform their tricks.

The party video shared on her TikTok account, which often features clips of herself pole dancing, has racked up a whopping 6.1 million views in just three days.

The video was shared on the Reddit page “TikTok Cringe,” which features some rare clips people come across on social media.

Here is what Reddit folks had to say about the bizarre gender reveal party;

“So what gender was it? Or was it twins, boy/girl? I have so many questions,” wrote one person, before another asked, “So what’s the gender?”

A third puzzled viewer wrote, “I mean they are both very talented and this is original but just … why?”

“At this point is just an excuse to do something ridiculous and have a laugh. I’d bet most of the parents doing those gender reveal things are self-aware,” a fourth added.

Another video was uploaded to convince Reddit folks that it was actually a gender reveal party.

But much to the delight of frustrated viewers, Popa uploaded another round-up video of the day, which indeed included the customary gender reveal.

People are doing some crazy things for clout these days and so I am not surprised by anything that is happening these days.

Flip to the next page to see pictures they are very wild.

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