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How Athletes Use a Massage Gun In Their Training Routine

Pro athletes go through rigorous training sessions every day, to the point that they’re already used to it. However, just because they exercise for a living, it doesn’t mean that they don’t get their days off. 

Like the rest of us, athletes aren’t superhuman. They need their downtime to improve their athletic performance. Moreover, they invest in their health by getting structured rest, proper nutrition, and using fitness tools such as a massage gun. 

If you want to learn a thing or two from their recovery routine, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss how athletes recover from their strenuous training, and what role a massage gun plays in their day-to-day lives.

How do Athletes Use a Massage Gun?

Using massage guns as part of the warm-up

Warming up your muscles is a must, especially if you’re doing any sort of exercise. For athletes, it’s a priority. A pre-workout routine gives them time to get their body into active mode and prepare for training. 

Fitness experts have long stated that a good warm-up session can prevent muscle injuries from the get-go. It also improves muscle strength and athletic performance.

So, how does a massage gun fit in with all of these? According to a 2020 study, using a massage gun can help with your range of motion and flexibility. By using it on your muscles for a few minutes, it can activate cold muscles for better movement. 

For this reason, you’ll see athletes and other fitness enthusiasts use massage guns anywhere. It’s an efficient way of “waking up” their muscles before they get to work. 

Using a massage gun for cooldown

After an intense training day, athletes never skip a cool-down session. It helps their bodies get back to their normal temperature and heart rate gradually. Plus, it feels like a relaxing reward, after sweating out for a long time. 

In severe cases, a lack of proper cooldown may push your body into exercise-induced shock. It’s because when you stop a workout abruptly, your muscles stop contracting, which can affect the blood circulation to your heart and brain. 

As a result, people who don’t do a cooldown might feel dizzy or lightheaded. Difficulty in breathing can also be an issue, with the additional stress being put on your cardiovascular system. Lastly, your strained muscles are going to be at high risk of injuries. 

So, to prevent all of these, a complete cooldown routine is necessary. Athletes often do low-impact stretches and breathing exercises to relax. Plus, they use recovery tools, such as massage guns. 

In a 2014 comparison study, researchers found that using a massage gun is just as effective as traditional massage. It can prevent DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness in athletic and non-athletic people. 


How to Use a Massage Gun Like an Athlete?

Now that you know how athletes do it, here’s how you can incorporate a massage gun into your daily routine. 

Warm-up in the mornings or before work:

  1. Choose an attachment head for the muscle groups you want to activate. Generally speaking, a ball and flat head work on large muscles, while pointed and bullet heads are perfect for small muscle groups. 
  2. Turn on the massage gun and choose the lowest speed setting first. 
  3. Let the massage gun head float over a specific muscle group for 30 seconds to 1 minute. 
  4. Afterward, switch the massage gun over to other muscle groups. Don’t focus the massage too long on one area.
  5. If you’re up to it, gradually bump up the speed setting, until you get the deep tissue massage you want. 

Cooldown after a long day:

  1. After a tiring day, wipe your sweat off with a towel or take a refreshing shower. This ensures that your skin will be dry and clean before the massage. 
  2. Choose an attachment head and turn on your massage gun. 
  3. Let the massage gun float over any muscle group for 2 minutes each. 
  4. Make sure not to push the massage gun too firmly on your skin, or else it might bruise. Let it float over and around your muscles. 
  5. After the massage treatment, lightly stretch your muscles out to relax. 

The Takeaway

Following a recovery routine isn’t exclusive to athletes only. For the most part, people who work in other fields, such as office workers, need to rest and recover as well. 

That’s why, many physical therapists and recovery professionals suggest getting a massage gun for your workout kit. It’s the most convenient way of treating your muscles. You don’t need to go to a massage therapist anymore, since this nifty device does all the work for you. 

Plus, it’s cost-friendly too. With this one-time buy, you can get as many massage sessions as you want at home. 

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