Youth Football Coach Mike Hickmon Shot Dead on Field; Aqib & His Brother Yaqub Talib Involved? – BlackSportsOnline
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Youth Football Coach Mike Hickmon Shot Dead on Field; Aqib & His Brother Yaqub Talib Involved?

Here are the facts we know in the shooting so far, and then we will go into the speculation side.

Mike Hickmon was a football coach tragically murdered at a little league football game yesterday evening in Lancaster, Texas. We express our deepest condolences with thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, former teammates, and players of coach Hickmon.

As shared on the video, we can watch how it seems like there is a dispute between coach Hickmon and Talib, and after a while, the gunshots are heard, leading to trauma in mass. The people training on the field ran after hearing the gunshots.

Here is when the speculation takes place.

Until we have official word from the cops, take it with a grain of salt.

Mike Hickmon was the football coach for the South East Dallas Wolverines who was shot by former NFL player and North Dallas United coach Yaqub Talib. He and his brother Aqib Talib led the team. Local fire department responders performed CPR on their way out of the field.

According to one parent, similar cases happen at unofficial events. To illustrate, while there are several instances of adults misbehaving during official competitions in youth sports, there is tight security to watch and control any violence. Whereas, in such informal games, the brutality tops.

While the initial blame was towards Aqib, the man wearing the bucket hat, we can watch someone else swinging like a cone or something at Mike. According to early testimony, Aqib did not murder the coach. The witnesses from the field are backing that it was Yaqub, the guy wearing a black hoodie, who allegedly fired the shots.

The cops have an update on the fatal shooting via TMZ Sports.

Former NFL star Aqib Talib’s brother, Yaqub Talib, is a wanted man in Texas — this after cops say he was involved in a fatal shooting at a little league football game this weekend.

The Lancaster Police Department fired off an announcement Sunday saying that they were looking for Yaqub in connection to the death of an adult male Saturday … who was shot and killed during an argument at the conclusion of a match that parents were angry about.

Lancaster PD says they’ve identified the suspect in this case as Yaqub, and note there’s an active warrant for his arrest. It’s unclear what charge, exactly, they wanna bring him in on … but some say this looks to be outright murder. 

A former mugshot of Yaqub was attached to the press release, and Lancaster is asking for any and all help in finding him. BTW, Aqib was also there for this tragic killing.

Tragic all the way around, no matter who was the shooter.

Flip the page for a video of the shooting so you can see what was going on for yourself.

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