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Watch Lamar Odom Storm Instagram’s Headquarters To Get His Page Back

A few weeks back, Lamar Odom disclosed that he’s been losing money all because his former management team hijacked his Instagram account and other social media pages.

And now since he cannot be losing money just like that, he’s stormed Instagram’s headquarters to get his account back but is that how things work? I think he should sort things out with his former management team.

According to Vlad;

Lamar Odom is an Olympic medalist and a two-time NBA Champion, but perhaps one of the biggest victories of his post-NBA career came earlier this week when the 6’10 ex-Laker stormed the offices of Instagram at Menlo Park, California, in a last-ditch effort to regain control of his account after claiming that his old managers would not allow him to access his page.

According to Odom, officials with his former management company ceased full control of his account back in July, and they maintained the page with several making promotional posts to make money. Thankfully, the nightmarish dilemma is finally over, as Odom was granted access to his page this week after a successful in-person visit with Instagram.

“Anything you saw posted in my story or on my page was not me posting or commenting from this page,” Odom said.

This was like when D-X stormed WCW.

Outside the Norfolk Scope in Norfolk Virginia, Degeneration-X, led by Triple H, were attempting an invasion, a full out assault, on the front door of the building. Dressed in camouflage and riding a jeep, the members of D-X were ready for a war in one of the most outlandish, most daring spots in the history of professional wrestling.

Their target? WCW Monday Nitro.

I remember watching that edition of Monday Night RAW, and as it happened, everyone in the room looked at each other in disbelief. Was this really happening?

Were we actually witnessing D-X, one of the biggest draws in WWE, walking right up to the front door of WCW, daring them to open up?

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