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Social Media Thinks Tony Romo Was About to Say N-Word During Bengals-Chiefs Game

We have to be honest and unbiased.

Tony Romo has been terrible at his job this season. I am not sure why. Maybe he was always bad and we just overlooked it because he was calling out plays. Maybe he got his fat contract and doesn’t prepare like he used to.

One interesting theory is that a lot of the coaches that Romo knew well are no longer in the league and he hasn’t kept up.

Everyone is in agreement he hasn’t done a great job.

Sunday night, CBS has the call of the AFC Championship Game, featuring the Chiefs and the Bengals, with Romo and his play-by-play man, Jim Nantz, on the call.

Romo is taking some heat on social media for his in-game performance.

“Does Tony Romo say anything critical any more? “Smart play.” “Perfect Throw.” C’mon Tony baby. Not everything is perfect out there,” one fan wrote.

Other fans have chimed in, too.

“It’s weird he was so good in the beginning,” one fan wrote.

“He used to be good. Now, it’s just infuriating,” another fan added on social media.

In the 4th quarter of the Bengals-Chiefs something really strange happened. While describing a run after the catch by Isiah Pacheco, Romo appears to start to describe three Bengals players as N…

He quickly corrected himself, but it caught the attention of everyone on social media.

It is hard to know exactly what he was going to say, but it was clear it started with an “N” and there is only some words that start with “N” that describes people.

This was the low point of a very bad game for Romo. Thankfully, Romo won’t be doing the Super Bowl and we instead will get the excellent Greg Olsen who has proven to be much better than Romo this season and likely seasons to come.

CBS paid a lot of Romo to keep him into the fold and it is looking like a foolish investment.

Flip the pages for Romo maybe something he shouldn’t have and getting cooked on social media.

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