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Fourth ABC Staffer Sascha Reveals T.J. Holmes Had An Affair With Her And Made Her Feel Special

It looks like T.J. Holmes is in the business of using women and dumping them, and I’m worried for his current lover Amy Robach as he is likely to dump her as he did to other women.

A fourth ABC staffer named Sascha has also come out and revealed that Holmes had an affair with her and treated her like a throw away bag, and she revealed this via the Daily Mail;

A fourth ABC staffer has come forward to reveal she also had an affair with former Good Morning America host T.J. Holmes – as insiders lift the lid on the s*x-obsessed newsroom.

The woman, identified only as Sascha, claimed Holmes treated her as a ‘throwaway object’ and revealed how senior GMA executives would prey on on young, female colleagues while working long, anti-social hours.

Speaking to The Cut, sources added that women often felt pressured to have affairs with senior execs to get ahead, while HR at the company was virtually non-existent.

One added that ‘it felt like everybody was sleeping around’ and claimed the GMA show was staffed by ‘a bunch of horned-up high-school students’.

It comes after revealed that former hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach were having an affair despite both being married. Sascha said it was seeing this story go viral that made her question her own relationship with Holmes.

Since then it has emerged that Holmes – who has been described as a ‘predator’ – had several flings with staffers including producer Natasha Singh and former intern Jasmine Pettaway. 

Sascha claimed her affair with Holmes began when they were working together on overnight shifts in 2014. She was 27 at the time and he was 38.

She said Holmes, now 45, had asked for her help setting up his Instagram account and became flirtatious, emailing her: ‘I’m learning a lot about you. I might actually like you.’

She revealed how the nocturnal hours of her job had left her ‘exhausted and lonely’ and feeling like only Holmes could empathize.

Soon after, he booked a hotel near the network’s Upper West Side headquarters and sent her the details. When she walked into the room, he was sitting on the bed, she claimed.

The pair began having s*x in hotels rooms and in his locked office, which she said didn’t seem out of the ordinary due to ABC’s ‘rampant culture of s*x’ – adding ‘it was a pretty scandalous place.’

She also told The Cut ‘I thought I was special’ and that Holmes felt like ‘the only person in the building who took me seriously.’

However she eventually realized she was actually just ‘part of a pattern’ and he later dismissed her like a ‘throwaway object.’

Another, identified as Ruth, said: ‘It felt like everybody was sleeping around.’

Meanwhile Sascha alleged the network was ‘more protective of the company’s reputation’ than the safety of female staff.

Amy Robach should be worried, but from how she’s all over Holmes and happy, I doubt she cares about all these damning allegations.

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