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Pole Vaulter Alysha Newman Goes Viral in Latest Thirst Trap Photos

A lot of times when you win a gold medal you sail off into the sunset.

Not Alysha Newman she is already back in competition and killing it as always.

She is also dropping the thirst traps.

Canadian gold medal-winning pole vaulter Alysha Newman was back in action as she jumped to success at a recent meet.

Alysha traveled to France to compete at the annual Meeting de l’Eure, where she represented Canada in pole vaulting.

The athlete hasn’t been a stranger to the pole vault, having competed in the event since she was a child. She has achieved numerous accolades in her career, including representing Canada at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Her commitment to the sport has increased her skill level, allowing her to reach new heights in her pole vaulting.

Alysha’s improved athleticism was visible at the Meeting de l’Eure, and she performed exceptionally well. Her highest jump was 4.63 meters, which was quite an achievement.

She came in second place, but her bold fashion choice was a winner.

The video began with Alysha on the mat with her blonde tresses in a ponytail. She had the pole in her hand and rocked magenta spandex as she started her journey. Alysha ran down the mat, arriving at the hurdle and propelling herself in the air, clearing the bar easily.

After completing the jump, Alysha celebrated on the sidelines, appearing proud of her accomplishment.

The vault was a big deal because Alysha didn’t clear the bar on her first two attempts. The final vault secured Alysha a second-place finish with China’s Xu Huiqin. As for the first-place spot, that honor went to Finland’s Wilma Murto.

Alysha’s performance in the competition was a life lesson to others as she pushed herself and achieved a new personal best.

If you are into vaulting the videos you can check it out.

Flip the pages also for the thirst traps.

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