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Draymond Green Asked to Leave Warriors During Road Trip to Watch LeBron Break Scoring Record

It’s no secret that Draymond Green and LeBron James are good friends.

Both are Klutch clients and have a lot of respect for each other, and Draymond is a big LeBron fan. When it was evident that LeBron would break Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s scoring record, Draymond said that he didn’t care if the Warriors had a game that day. He would be in attendance to see LeBron break the record.

That time came, and the Warriors were even off that night, but Draymond was not there to see the record-breaking night in person.

We now know why via Marc Spears.

Draymond asked for a few days off so he could go to the game and said that he was planning on attending the game and he was going to be on the broadcast, but Warriors head coach Steve Kerr came to him and said that it was probably best if he was with the team cause they’d be flying out on the road while he’d be flying to LA.

“Yeah, I was definitely going,” Green told Andscape. “It was a TNT game. I was doing the broadcast and Steve said, ‘I don’t think that’ll be great for our team. While we’re flying out on the road, you’re flying to LA, guys see that, guys see you on the TV calling the game. This is a big game for us against Portland.’ I said, ‘All right, respect. No problem. I’ll be there with my team.’

“I flew to Portland, we got to get a win and we’re here. So, it definitely was something that I wanted to be present for. It was just such a big moment in life and friendship. But there will be other big moments and we’ll create great memories.”

Draymond was also asked who is the GOAT, LeBron or Steph Curry?

So, who is Green’s GOAT? Curry or James?

“Well, Steph Curry’s definitely making the case to be the GOAT,” Green said. “But I just think when you look at LeBron’s body of work, the things that he’s done in this league, you start to look at the record books now, he’s right there at the top of every record known to man, playoffs and regular season. When you look at the longevity, some of the teams that he’s carried to the NBA Finals, through the NBA Finals, you just have to take your hat off to it.

“For a guy that they said is not a scorer to be the all-time leading scorer, that’s pretty impressive. If they’re saying that’s not the best thing that you do, but, yeah, you lead it? Scoring is what everyone talks about, every day. And yet, when people mention scorers, they never mention LeBron James. That’s the all-time leading scorer. I think that says a lot.”

Probably a good thing he listened to his coach.